People Consulting Services

Organizations that foster an environment that demands and rewards learning, training and education at all levels will have greater success in the marketplace. QED Consulting provides a full range of custom development programs, systems and processes that will lead to improved performance throughout the organization.

Our approach is to thoroughly understand our client's business strategy, organization and culture. Based on that understanding, we develop a learning strategy for the organization that makes sense. The learning strategy guides the design of an infrastructure capable of delivering curricula at the point of need. It provides a linkage between development activities and performance improvement.

The learning strategy must be consistent at all levels of the organization. QED Consulting works with clients to identify the competencies of the organization as a basis for supporting employees in their roles and responsibilities. In this way, the learning strategy is embedded in the way work gets done; ensuring its relevance and impact. We have the capability to develop and deliver learning programs, processes and systems across the entire organization.

Blended Learning and Knowledge Management

Technology enabled learning is redefining the workplace. Businesses are transforming the work environment to optimize productivity and cost benefits by leveraging their technology investments. Similarly, employee training and development needs can be realized through learning technologies. QED Consulting provides a broad range of blended learning and KM consulting.


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