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Culture Diversity & Inclusion

Culture is the ocean in which we swim, the atmosphere in which we breathe – the medium in which all work, and play, get done. And often we cannot see the wood for the trees. Nothing is quite as systemic as culture, hence it is critical to understand the nature and components of culture – both organizational and national.

Culture is closely related to diversity since cultures are different from one another in interesting ways. It's the ability to recognize and leverage those differences that distinguishes ordinary companies and organizations from great ones.

Culture can also lead to conflict in organizations, which has a profound impact on job satisfaction, commitment and organizational reputation.

QED Consulting provides detailed cultural and diversity audits and employee surveys to better understand and baseline an organization's culture, and its strengths and challenges.

We also provide cross-cultural effectiveness and global diversity effectiveness training and consulting to build adaptability skills and an inclusiveness mindset in a global workforce and marketplace.


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