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GEIB posterThe third edition of the Global Ethics & Integrity Benchmarks (GEIB) has just been published. With the help of 35 global experts this latest edition has 15 categories in three groups Foundation, Culture and Risk. Besides significant text edits and updates, the new edition has one new category: Interpersonal Misconduct, reflecting one of the most significant emerging ethical risks facing us today, as respect and inclusion have become critical to all successful workplaces, together with the impact of #metoo and the growing global movement against sexual harassment and assault. The GEIB is free to download and can be freely used by any organization when permission is requested.

The US and Global Diversity Games© - 2019 Versions now available

The US Diversity Game and the Global Diversity Game are successful, highly-interactive training tools that use a game board (quiz) format to explore facts and trends about diversity and inclusion covering Demographics, Jobs, Legislation and Society as well as how to effectively lead and manage in a multicultural workplace.


Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Around the World  201

The Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Around the World (GDIB) 2017 by Julie O'Mara, Alan Richter, Ph.D., and 95 Expert Panelists is a tool for helping organizations determine strategy and measure progress in managing diversity and fostering inclusion. 


January – presented at PMI conference in Philadelphia

April – presented at Forum on Workplace Inclusion conference in Minneapolis

May – presented at PMI conference in Berlin and Diversity Best Practices conference in Dublin


January - presented at PMI conference in Philadelphia

February - presented at the World HRD Congress in Mumbai

April - presented at the Forum on Workplace Inclusion in Minneapolis

May - presented at ATD in Atlanta

October - presented at SietarUSA in San Diego

December - presented at the Conference Board of Canada in Toronto

AN INQUIRY INTO THE EXISTENCE OF GLOBAL VALUES: Through the Lens of Comparative Constitutional Law, edited by Dennis Davis, Alan Richter and Cheryl Saunders, Hart Publishing, 2015.

Finally – after much delay -- our book has been published, is now available, and can be ordered online at:

The following articles and chapters were written by Alan Richter, Ph.D., founder and president of QED Consulting.

“Building a Culture of Inclusion: The Case of UNAIDS”, by Alan Richter, in Diversity at Work: The Practice of Inclusion, edited by Ferdman, B and B. Deane, SIOP, Jossey-Bass, 2014.

"Creating an Adaptable Workforce by Engaging with all Employees" By A. L. Richter. [download word document]

Global Standards Boost Diversity at Alaska Air, by V. Robert Hayles, Julie O’Mara and Alan Richter, Diversity Executive, Nov/Dec 2011

By Alan Richter

Note: Part of this article appeared in Cultural Diversity at Work Online, January 2001 at

Finally – after much delay -- our book has been published, is now available, and can be ordered online at:

Diversity and value are both deep philosophical terms whose interrelationship has been explored by many thinkers, though most have focused on the value of diversity. In this paper I will explore the diversity of value and tie it back to the value of diversity with the goal of shedding greater light on a framework for diversity work for the 21st century. But first we need to define terms.


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