Training Products

Video-based Leadership Case Studies

Award-winning movies serve as a basis for carefully constructed case studies, customized to the characteristics and profiles of leadership in your organization. Gandhi on global leadership, Hoosiers on leadership and coaching, and 12 O'clock High on leadership and supervision.

The Business Unit Strategy Game

This game is designed to provide participants with a clear overview of a company's business units or departments. Participants compete in teams by matching business statements covering Mission & Strategies, Structure, Customers & Competitors, Products & Services, and Markets & Opportunities, with their corresponding business units.

Market Share

Managers are given an introduction to the strategies of competitive analysis and market domination. Players allocate limited resources in response to changing competitive conditions. Versions include industry groups and Global MarketShare.

The Risk Game

In The Risk Game the process of risk-taking within an organizational setting is brought to life. Teams explore resolutions of risky situations and evaluate them based on risk-appropriate behavior and creative solutions.


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