The Global Leadership Survey

The Global Leadership Survey (GLS) is a self-assessment tool for understanding leadership styles. It is designed around 4 dimensions: Values, Action, Ideas and People and generates 9 styles of global leadership which will help any organization to make the best use of its leadership resources and know if existing leadership is sufficient to meet the challenges ahead.

The most important decisions facing anyone who would lead in a global environment are: how to make the best use of leadership resources within the group and how to know if existing resources are sufficient to meet the challenges faced. Assessment is a logical starting point.

Online Assessment

Developed in partnership with Global Diversity Services LLC, the GLS is an online assessment tool which allows you to:

•   Reflect on your observations and experiences as a leader

•   Identify what kind of leadership reflects your, your team's, or your organization's values

•   Understand the strengths and weaknesses of different leadership styles

•   Identify what kind of leadership will meet your customer's expectations and organization's needs

•   Address the leadership challenges you and your organization face in today's global environment.

•   Visit the Global Diversity Services website for more information


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